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Welcome to our cut-your-own South Lot!  You can visit our SOUTH TREE LOT on Highway 116 just SOUTH of the farm toward Bristol.  This lot is designed for EASIER access and a FASTER pick up time while still providing you with a memorable "choose and cut your own tree" experience.  As always, horse-drawn rides are still available at the farm for those who enjoy the horses, cabin, and taking a little more time to enjoy the experience.


  • There will be a LIMITED selection to choose from this year (2023)

  • This lot is ONLY open Friday 11/24 and Saturday 11/25

  • All trees in this lot are $55.00

  • Wreathes and maple syrup also available in this lot



SOUTH LOT Hours of Operation:


Friday, 11/24, 10am - 4pm

Saturday, 11/25, 10 am - 4pm

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